Yorke family in India


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Amelia Lavinia York
4 June 1862156Fort William, Calcutta012 December 19328670Calcutta, West Bengal, India.
Charles Grant York
28 January 1861157Fort William, Calcutta08 May 18641543Fort William, Calcutta
Charles Henry York
27 March 1883135Edinburgh, Scotland0March 19556371Aldershot, Hampshire, England
Eleanor York
19 September 1816202Dinapore, Bengal, India1
Elizabeth York
1823196Ghazeepore, Bengal03 July 18231950Fort William, Calcutta
George York
1755 (not proven)2645about 183818183Kidderminster, Worcester, England
George York
1817202Dinapore, Bengal, India0October 18182001Dinapore, India
George York
1788231Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England0
George Henry York
30 June 1839179Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India0
George Henry York
30 June 1839179Kurnaul Bengal India024 November 18401781Kurnal, Bengal
Hannah York
1799220Kidderminster, Worcestershire1185416555District of Stourbridge, Worcestershire
Henry York
1789230Kidderminster, Worcester, England1025 September 183318544Cawnpore, India
Henry York
20 April 1817201"on bd ship"1January 184217724Afghanistan
Henry John York
Henry John Yorke
13 April 1857161Fort William, Calcutta, West Bengal, India38 September 19229665Hampshire, England
Isabella York
August 1826192Ghazeepore, Bengal0September 18261920Ghazeepore, Bengal
Jane York
21 August 1827191Ghazeepore, Bengal09 April 185216624Fort William, Bengal, India
Jane York
Jane Elizabeth York
12 February 1859159Fort William, Calcutta54 August 191410455Dibrugarh, Assam, India
John York
1792227Kidderminster, Worcestershire010 April 17922260Kidderminster, Worcestershire
John Joseph York
November 1824194Fort William, Calcutta0
John Joseph York
1824195Fort William, Calcutta0
John York Not likely to be a brother of Henry
17892303November 183818049Dinapor
Joseph York
Marion Amelia York
27 May 18891290January 18971227Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Mary Ann York
16 December 1863155Fort William Bengal India015 May 18721468Kussowlie, Benga
Mary Ann York
1820199Ghazeepore, Bengal1
Norah Annie York
15 November 1884134Devonport, Devonshire, England119695084Chelmsford, Essex, England
Rebecca York
8 October 1820198Ghazeepore, Bengal025 October 18201980Ghazeepore, Bengal
Richard York
22 March 1831
187Cawnpore, Bengal, India617 April 186914938Calcutta, India
Thomas York
about 18142050August 18201986Ghazeepore, Bengal
William York
1 September 1832186Cawnpore, Bengal, India0May 18331850Cawnpore, Bengal, India