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Family Trees

Reading family of Birmingham and South East London - this is my father's family - click here to access

Jones and Rees families of Cardiganshire and Carmathernshire - these are my mother's families - click here to access

Britten family of Northamptonshire and City of London - this is Penny's father's family - click here to access

Swyer family of Dorset, Wiltshire and south London - this is Penny's mother's family - click here for access

Reading family of Birmingham, New Zealand & Utah - I am connected to this family by DNA - click here for access

Other Britten's of Northamptonshire - Britten families not proved to connect to Penny's but having connection with Northamptonshire - click here to access

Breton Family of Teeton, Northamptonshire and London - Possibly the founding family of the Brittens - click here to access


Non-Related Family Trees

Yorke family in India - research and tree for a friend with family in India from about 1822 - click here for access

Wendy's Tree - another tree for a friend - click here for access

If you are related to anyone in these trees please feel free to e-mail me at the address below.

My other, main site, is at www dot reading-family dot co dot uk


New pages
21 March 2017 - 22:21:48

Well, following yet another hack session my original site became unusable. Even though I had backups I couldn't find out how to restore them. As best as I can I have rebuilt the family history pages although they are missing some of the stories.

The main site at www.reading-family.com is still waiting for the data to be added and as I haven't found out how to restore backups there is no way of quickly populating either site with data. I would like to mirror the sites but I need to work on that.



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