Reading Family of Birmingham & SE London

New Reading family connections made
28 July 2017 - 14:45:10

I have been trying to trace any living male Readings who are related to me and have managed to make contact with some 4th cousins who descend from David Reading, elder brother of Amos Reading,

DNA Test Results

In April 2016 I had a DNA test done by AncestryDNA and the results arrived in May. There were only two close matches (that is with others who have had the test), one I already knew about although the match indicates one degree further separation than I calculated, the other was on my father's side with a 3rd/4th cousin in Australia. This lady, Geraldine, turns out to be a descendant of my gt gt gd mother's sister, Elizabeth Bowman, who went to Australia in the 1860's

So far other relationships indicated through DNA haven't produced a known common ancestor as either I or the other researchers haven't found that person yet.

UPDATE - 15th July 2016

DNA tests have indicated a connection to a Reading family who emigrated from Birmingham to New Zealand and later on to Utah, USA. The origins in Birmingham coincide with the date of Joseph Reading's birth there in 1780's and interestingly there is an Amos Reading who would be of the right age to be Joseph's father. A lot more work required to establish a link between the families.


Reading families in Birmingham & Warwickshire

Following the interesting DNA indication of a link between myself and the descendant of a Reading family from Birmingham I will, over time add that family to the tree on here until I am able to establish the link between them. At the moment there is a possibility of "my" Joseph Reading being a son of a Amos Reading. It would follow traditional naming to have Amos - Joseph - Amos - George - Amos William as father - son etc..

I have included the tree for the family that emmigrated from Birmingham to New Zealand on here. Click on Family Trees at the top and choose Reading family of Birmingham, NZ & Utah.

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